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Effective real estate sales

Our design studio Genesis Design is engaged in very interesting and important work, providing creative solutions for real estate promotion. Our approach based onvirtual tours and attractive design, brings several significant advantages to construction companies.

Features of virtual tours

Show your property with all the advantages!

Detailed design of furniture and equipment

Selection of satellite technical equipment and materials

Fully equipped with furniture

The ability to move around the premises

An example of a virtual tour

Double-tap the screen to open the Virtual Tour in full screen

Our approach

Cross the boundaries of reality with our advanced virtual tours. Buyers can experience every nook and cranny of your property, even before they step through the door.

High Level Virtual Tours

Our creative design concepts give real estate not only style, but also personality. We make the space alive and memorable, leaving a relaxed impression on every visitor.

Attractive design

Give yourself a competitive edge with marketing that impresses. Our solutions create not only interest, but also convert viewers into customers.

Effective Effortless Marketing:

Unique advantages

Let your customers immerse themselves in the world of their future home thanks to virtual tours with the highest degree of realism. Interactivity allows potential buyers not just to look, but to actively participate in choosing their ideal home.

High realism and interactivity

Your customers will feel positive emotions, and virtual tours will be an opportunity to share enthusiasm with friends and colleagues, creating a positive effect.

Positive emotions and engagement

With the simple installation of virtual tours on your website and the ability to demonstrate them in the sales office, you will be able to instantly captivate customers with your property.

Ease of integration on the site and in the office

Your customers spend more time on your site exploring virtual tours, which increases its ranking. Sales managers, in turn, save time by providing a clearer and more detailed view of the property.

Increasing the ranking of the site and saving time

Evoke emotions at clients

Our virtual tours give potential buyers the opportunity to literally "immerse" in the real space, feeling the real atmosphere of the future interior. This significantly improves the perception of the object and can increase the interest of buyers.

Advantages over competitors

Our studio focuses on creating and presenting an attractive design that can evoke positive emotions in potential customers. 

Attractive design

Thanks to the non-standard presentation and interactivity, it is very easy to stand out among competitors and be recognizable on the market.

Recognition of the company

Providing interactive solutions in sales offices helps improve interaction with customers, making the buying process more interesting and informative.


Our work generates a large volume of video that can be effectively used for social media promotion and advertising campaigns. This helps to reach a wide audience and strengthen the brand.

Video content

More virtual tours

What is a good interior for the client?

It is something that many people like, or something that attracts special attention. Our interiors combine attractiveness and practicality. 

It is suitable both for an individual request and for the general public, because design is a strategic advantage of our service.

An incredibly picturesque location on the banks of the Dnieper, 2 large swimming pools, a children's playground, a food court and several bars, a concert venue and a relaxation area - all this is offered by the new MOJO recreation complex.

Inspired by the warm motifs of Cuba and Latin America, it gives a real sense of peace and fun, which is so often lacking.

This home is unlike any other. There is no standard or routine in it. Each element has its own not only practical, but also aesthetic purpose.

To understand all the beauty and soul of the interior, you need to immerse yourself in it completely with the help of our VR technology.

Why Genesis Design

We understand that every project is unique. Our team works with tasks of any complexity, providing a personalized approach for each client.

Individual approach

Using advanced technologies of virtual reality and design, we create projects that fall in love and attract attention.

Technologies of the Future

Our reputation is based on trust and high quality. We strive to exceed expectations and create projects that leave the best impression.

Trust and Quality

Interior animation with VR

Contact us to create the future of your business together, where virtual tour technologies will be the key to successful real estate sales!


We invite you to see how we turn objects into real masterpieces!

Sign up for a demo:

An Inspiring Partnership

Opportunities for construction companies

Add interactivity to virtual tours – open and close doors, change interior colors. Place QR codes on printed products for quick access to virtual tours.

Interactivity and QR-Codes

Potential clients can view properties without leaving their homes, which makes the selection process more convenient.

Demonstration without Visiting the Construction Site

Show potential buyers how a property can be transformed by providing virtual tours of the different stages of the project's development.

Creation of "Before/After" Virtual Tours

What is your request?
Commercial real estate
What services are you interested in?


  • virtual tour for installation on the company's website

  • 3D planning for the sales department

  • visualization of the entire interior


Everything in the BASIC package and:

  • a set of drawings for the construction of a showroom

  • selection of materials for assembly

  • construction cost calculation

VIP implementation

Everything in the SHOWROOM KIT package and:

  • author's supervision of the designer

  • construction progress control

  • making adjustments along the way        construction


Our integrated approach to real estate promotion, which includes virtual tours, attractive design and the creation of diverse content, is forward-looking and cutting-edge in today's real estate industry.

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