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(KYIV · UKRAINE · 2021)



Oleksiy Bezkorovainy


The main goal of creating this interior was to arrange the most spacious and comfortable housing that would suit every client and was universal both in aesthetics and in practical use of space.

The bedroom is separated from the living room only by sliding glass doors that let in maximum light. This technique allows you to place the bedroom itself far from the external windows, and the hidden lighting creates an atmosphere of comfort in the room.


60 sq.m


1 bedroom, 1 bathroom


The entrance group is lit by hidden lighting and one wall is decorated with wooden panels. This serves to visually separate the bedroom from the general living room area, and also protects the wall from dirt in the narrowest part of the corridor.

The open layout of the living room allows you to freely place a large dining table and a soft sofa. We did not try to disguise the concrete columns, but on the contrary, showed all the beauty of the concrete texture.

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