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Design of cottage towns

We offer developers a full range of services in the design of cottage towns. We specialize in the development of quality, attractive housing that will attract the attention of investors and sell well.

From idea to implementation

Using this example, we will demonstrate the entire process of developing a cottage town from 0 to implementation. We will show how each design element in the interior and facade is created, how technical drawings of buildings and general plans are made. And also how all the developments lead to filling the company's website with visual material and supplementing the construction company's marketing strategy.

1. Development of house plans

2. Development of drawings of townhouses

It all starts with the development of plans for future houses. At this stage, we agree on the layout and types of accommodation.

With the availability of several types of housing (for example, cottages and townhouses), we develop complex solutions for construction.

We have extensive experience in creating interactives for the sale of real estate, participated in social projects using augmented reality.

Extensive experience in VR

There is no company offering similar services on the Ukrainian market. Therefore, your real estate will be presented as an exclusive service on the country's market.

The uniqueness of the offer

The ability to record VR videos, giving first-person presentations that attract social media attention and increase awareness of your properties.

We create content for social networks

For particularly significant projects, create fully immersive virtual tours, giving clients a unique experience of interacting with real estate, like in a computer game.

Full immersion for PR projects

Why us?

Our projects

Gardd House

Prydesennya Eco Village

Fort Homes

Pro City

We have experience in "turnkey" work with large construction companies and will be happy to cooperate on your projects.

3. Development of 3d house plans

4. Visualization of interiors

For a more effective presentation of real estate on the website and in social networks, we additionally develop 3D layouts of buildings. This effect has a good effect on a potential investor and allows a better assessment of the advantages of housing. 

A necessary part of the project is the visualization of the interior of the houses! This is not only a good presentation of housing, but also an opportunity for the client to independently make a design project based on a ready-made design from a construction company.

5. Creating a virtual tour of the interior

6. Development of the master plan

Potential clients can view properties without leaving their homes, which makes the selection process more convenient.

An indispensable and very important part of the design is the development of the master plan of the cottage town.

7. Visualization of the master plan

The finished general plan serves as the basis for the site of the cottage town. The attractiveness for potential investors depends on the appearance of this element.

8. Visualization of all design elements

We develop and profitably display all elements of the design of a cottage town, demonstrating all the advantages of future housing.

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